AMW-6 Automatic lifting chains butt welding machine

AMW-6 Automatic lifting chains butt welding machine



Salient Features of AMW-6 Automatic lifting chains butt welding machine

Automatic chain butt welding machine is used to weld low-carbon alloy steel lifting chains by resistance twice current flow method on the basis of German advanced technology, available for manual, inching and semiautomatic operation of nineteen procedures including round chain delivery, rotating, welding, upsetting and burring under encoder and PLC control. It is featured by stable and reliable action, convenient maintenance and complete fault protection, and its main performance is comparable to foreign similar products. The product is mainly used to weld lifting round-link chain as well as skid chain, binding chain and mine chain, with remarkable effect and grade 80 attainable.

  1. Full automatic design with high efficiency.
  2. Easy to operate and adjustment.
  3. Advanced PLC control system optional.

Main parameters of AMW-6 Automatic lifting chains butt welding machine



Machine model

Work scope (welding diameter) φ4-φ6mm
Chain link from the 11-30mm
Production efficiency 45-50 (ring/points)

transformer :


New epoxy resin casting seal water temperature control

Continuous rated load rate 20%
Nominal capacity 75KVA

motor :

  Rated power 3kw
Rated speed Stepless speed regulation (with brake)




Rotary encoder 600 (turn/points)
Subprime no-load voltage 4-10 adjustable (V)

Cooling water:

pressure 0.15——0.3(Mpa)
consumption 20 (l/points)
temperature 15≤T≤25(℃)


Air pressure for ≥0.65(Mpa)
Work pressure 0.45≤P≤0.65(Mpa)
Air consumption 5 (lisheng each work cycle)




Machine size 1800mm*950mm*1500mm
Machine weight ≈2T