Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Line

Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Line



Application Scope of Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Line

The products are widely used in workpieces surface treatment, PCB manufacturing, environmental engineering, lithium-ion isolation film manufacturing and other industrial fields.Customers cover manufacturing companys of hardware products, electronic communications, mechanical equipment, sanitary products, lathe parts, aircraft parts and other manufacturing areas.The service including the production processes, surface treatment equipment, supply facilities and infrastructure design, waste water and waste gas treatment, and logistics planning, etc.Products include all kinds of hardware electroplating production lines,electronic product electroplating production lines, PCB plating production lines, ABS plating equipment, metal plastic plating production lines, oxidation phosphate production lines, anodizing production lines, and the related auxiliary equipment.

Hardware tools:
pickling, phosphating, passivation, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical nickel, anodizing, electro-galvanized/zinc-nickel alloy, electroplated copper nickel chrome

Communication electronics:
chemical nickel, anodizing, electro-galvanized/zinc-nickel combination, electroplated copper, nickel and gold, silver plating, electroplating tin, plastic plating

Mechanical equipment:
pickling, phosphating, passivation, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical nickel, anodizing, electro-galvanized/zinc-nickel combination

Sanitary ware industry:
Copper alloy plating nickel chromium, zinc alloy plated copper, nickel and chromium, plastic plating

Auto parts
Chemical nickel, chlorination, electro-galvanized/zinc-nickel alloy, soft/hard chrome plating, plastic plating

Aircraft parts
Cleaning, passivation, etching, chrome/nickel/oxide film, cadmium, anodizing, chrome plating, electroplating nickel, electroplating cadmium

Advantage of Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Line

We constantly improve the automation operation and control of our equipment, pay attention to energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection, safety and other related elements of equipment, so that customers can feel more easily in operation and management. Persevering and thinking what users think, we have designed and developed a series mature technologies and production lines, such as, barrel plating line automatic feeding and blanking/automatic opening and closing/rotary passivation, Pepperl + Fuchs locomotive positioning system, three-dimensional swing, dehumidification oven, rotary hanging plating, production line intelligent program, and so on, which have been successfully applied in actual cases for many times over the world.

Salient Features of Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Line

1.Automatic / manual mode can be changed.

2.Under Human-computer interface control. Including fault display and warning device.

3. According to different products and process requirments,can be configured modified on the plating line.

4. Under Human-computer interface control. It can easily operate and manage,display the database,PH,time and monitor the running of the equipmene.

5. Main electrical compents use “Simens” , “Mitsubishi””Schneider”, “Omron” brand products to ensure the stability and performance.

Parts details of Automatic Hard Chrome Plating Line

High Frequency Switch Rectifier

High Frequency Switch Rectifier