Round coupling nuts forming machine

Round coupling nuts forming machine



Specifications of Round coupling nuts forming machine



Unit 11B-6SL-35 14B-6SL-50
Max. Diameter MM 11 15
Max. Length MM 35 50
Kick Out Length MM 50 70
Forging Force TON 60 130
Output PPM 110 75
Ram Stroke MM 130 160
Dies Pitch MM 50 60
Main Motor HP 20 30
Lub. Motor HP 3 3
Appro.Weight TON 8.5 8.5
Appro. Size M 2.5*1.6*1.3 3.5*2


Round coupling nut size M6,M8,M10  M12
Round coupling nut dimension and drawing

Round coupling nut dimension and drawing

Finished Round coupling nut samples

Finished Round coupling nut samples

Application of Round coupling nuts forming machine

Manufactured products :M6,M8,M10,M12 round coupling nuts.

Main Advantages of Round coupling nuts forming machine:

1. Effectivelyimprove production efficiency and reduce production process. Our equipment production capacity is remarkable, surpassesmost of manufacturers, greatly reduce production process, the standard productsare basically once formed, save time and effort.

2. Save cost.Due to the drastic reduction of production process,enterprises can save labor cost, manufacturing cost and time cost whileensuring production capacity. The combined cost is reduced by as much as 50%.

3. Productionsof machine are highly developable. All kinds of standard, non-standard products, as long asmolds are formed, they will have a mass production

4. Durable equipment life. Ourcompany is taiwanese-owned enterprises, machinery parts and components areimported from Taiwan, then assembled in the mainland, and ourcompany has always been strictly the quality pass,just want to supply our customers the best products.

Main Features of Round coupling nuts forming machine

NO.1.The machine body and main sliding block are processed through stress relieving after being forged to prevent from deformation and ensure durable mechanical stabolity.

NO.2.Machine body of high alloy steel imported is prossed through quenching treatment to ensure lasting resistance to wearing.

NO.3.Eash cam is precisely designed with computer and made in CNC process center to ensure correct and smooth cam common normal.

NO.4.Applying air compressor clutch,smooth and steady start current brake,realization of inching,single stroke and continuous running,besides inching way,main sliding block will stop at the utmost point ehen the machine stops every time to provide max. operation space.

NO.5.Circumferential flushing trimming.

NO.6.Synchronic reverse of plunger die ejecting with primary slipway to ensure the product shall be temporarily kept in the plunger die and prenvent from falling our by the plunger die.

NO.7.We can attach with frequency converter with stepless speed control.

NO.8.PLC digital control inspection device enabling automatic inspection of the working state and failure alarming display.

NO.9.Tongs of swing type and rotary type provide with pneunatic mechanism, clamping stably.

NO.10. Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution