Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine



Main Specifications of Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

Model Unit AH36-10
Suitable Shank Diameter MM 6-10
Max. Shank Length Under Head MM 75
Max.Output Pcs/Min. 50
Main Die Size MM 58*135
Punch Die Size MM 38
Shearing Die Size MM 32
Main Motor KW 7.5
Appro.Weight TON 10
Appro.Dimension CM 320*180*160

1.We reserves the right to modify the above parameters, and may not be notified if there is any modification;

2.The most suitable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product;

3.The maximum material shear diameter and the suitable product diameter listed in the table are calculated as medium carbon alloy steel, equivalent to 10.9 high strength screws.

Application Scope of Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

High Speed Three Die Six Blows Cold Heading Machine is one kind of specialized machine with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery. High Speed Two Die Four Blows Cold Heading Machine are used for producing different kinds of self tapping screws,rivets,hinge pin and special parts in the field of fastener industry. Because of the advantage of the cold forging equipment itself and the superiority of cold forging technique, the High Speed Three Die Six Blows Cold Heading Machine also are widely used in different national economic fields for producing fasteners and non-standard parts for industry of building,aviation steamer, machinery, rail traffic, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine, construction, furniture, light industry and daily necessities, etc.

Items can be produced by the Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

Special shape fasteners and fix parts,electric pin and plug pin,flange hex bolt screw,auto fasteners,Ordinary screws, hex and socket screws, hexagonal screws with washer, multi-step screws and parts, oversized head short rod screws and parts, full hollow rivets, semi-tubular rivets, cold forged shaped parts,All kinds of screws, hexagon sockets, bolts, shafts, multi-steps, large head short rod parts, full hollow pull nails and other high value-added products.etc.

Salient Features of Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

1. Using high quality QT500-7 casting material , assure the cold heading machinemore compact structure and more stable performance.
2. The slipway adopts the high quality alloy and Copper alloy with special treatment which has a good wear-resisting property and long life of parts.
3. Main motor is equipped with speed-adjust transducer, PLC control system, computer automatic man-machine interface system(Optional), these equipment make lots of convenience for customer to adjust the dimension of the non-standard products.
4. The cold heading machine parts are machined by advanced CNC processing technology which ensure the precision of the requirement.
5. Perfect inspection system: short material inspecting and eliminating, inspection of the low location of oil pressure and air pressure, transfer system floating inspection system, overload, and lightload stop system to protect the lathe and dies and prolong the service life of them.
6. It is reasonable and best design  for the layout of forced lubrication, oil pipe way and oil groove. Adequate and resonalbe lubrication system improves the equipment life and working performance.
7. High strengthened-material lathe bed, lengthened main and subsidiary slider structure and “pedrailtype” slider which is adopted domestically for the first time realize “zero space” assembling which assures the precision of the main slider movement and lengthens their service life of dies.
8. The main parts of all type machines have adopted strict casting procedure and annealing disposal to assure its steel hardness and precision.
9. The cold heading machine adopts famous brand-name products of the motor, bearing, pump etc. to improve the reliability of the machine.
10. Auto checker system is available and optional.
11. P.K.O synchronized knock out system makes the choice of molding technics flexible.
12.Touch screen and man-machine dialogue numerical control system are optional for meeting customer’s requirement, they are used for setting the length of thread pipe of rear knock out, the length of barrier and the feeding length, it is convenient for quick die change. This system has a memory capacity of 99 mnemonic modules for meeting the requirement of quick die change.

Main Standard and optional items for Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

Auto checker for heading machine PKO for heading machine
Screw conveyor for heading machine Coil stand for heading machine

 Standard accessories of Square rod flange shaft pin stud cold forging machine

1. One set of trial tools
2. One set of standard hand tools.
3. One set of standard spare parts.
4. One set of control Panel
5. One set of AC motor
6. Inside Lamp