Stainless steel O Type Hollow Wall Anchor clips automatic progressive pressing machine



Stainless steel O Type Hollow Wall Anchor clips automatic progressive pressing machine

Specifications of AP-60T Ton Press machine for M10 wedge anchor clips progressive pressing

ModelS troke(MM)Punches Per Min.Max.Die Hight(MM)Slide Area ( MM )Bolster Area ( MM )Weight (KGS)Overall Dimension (L × W × H)(MM)
AP- 60T12090310500*360*70900*500*8056001595 × 100 × 2800

Wedge anchor clips stamping machine accessories and configuration

Flowing tubing head pressure type over-load protection*
Manual -like slide adjuster (below 60T and 60T)*
Electromotive type slide adjuster (above 60T)*
Mechanical mold high display (below 60T and 60T)*
Electromotive type mold high display (above 60T)*
Slide and mold balancing unit*
Revolving cam-operated switch*
Crank angle display*
Air source attachment*
Two degrees guarantee bond the installment*
Instruction for use*
Service aid and toolbox*
Electromotive type grease lubrication installment
Is mad the die pad installment
Frequency changer
Cuts the counter in advance
Prejudges the counter
Foot switch
Trades the mold installment (to lift mold fast, to clamp mold or moves to mold arm)
On the slide hits the material installment
Delivers the detector set by mistake
Power point.
Quakeproof foot
Electro-optic protective device
Feeding machine (air, machinery and NC each kind)
Expects the frame
Leveling arm
Mold illumination device

Concrete wedge anchor bolts clips making machine work bench sizes list

ModelabcdeføghiT die

Machine Body

Heavy, one-piece welded steel frame is designed to resist

deflection, providing more accurate stampings and longer die life

CNC Control system

• Six programmable limit switches

• Four programmable die protection inputs

• LCD display screen for status and fault messages

• LED display for crank angle and spm

Pneumatic clutch & brake from Italy

• Wet clutch and brake provide long life, very low maintenance, and high performance even at high single-stroking rates.

• Use adopts dual valve from TACO, Japan, which can guarantee the safety and reliability of clutch.

Safety light curtains:

• Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. have a movable single-hand pedal switch,easy to operate.

• Front Side Covers with safety switches, Back light safety guards (Category-4),Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.

Control button station

• Machine is with both hands button and foot switch control: anti-tie down, non-repeat controls with ring guards; conforms to OSHA.

wedge anchor clip hydraulic punching press machine body

wedge anchor clip hydraulic punching press machine body

Widely applies in the electron, the communication, the computer, the domestic electric appliances, the furniture, the transportation vehicle (automobile, motorcycle, bicycle), ramming and the formation and so on hardware spare part.

Main feature

* high rigidity
1. high rigid, the high accuracy skeleton, uses the steel plate welding, and after the heat treatment, eliminates the lathe bed internal stress.
2. the structural element load is even, the rigidity is balanced.

* stable high accuracy
Friction spots and so on after crank, gear, gear shaft pass through hardens the heat treatment, the regrinding processing, has the extremely high resistance to wear and the balanced state, the stable property.

* the serviceability is reliable, is safe
The coupling/brakes mounting height is keen, adds the international apex’s twin solenoid valve again and the load protective device, guarantees the punch press slide revolution and the stop accuracy and the security.

* the production automation, reduces effort to melt
May match any feed control organization, the movement automation production, reduces the cost, raises the efficiency.

* the center of gravity is balanced
1. the transmission center tends to be consistent with the machine whole’s center, guaranteed that the ramming is precise, is stable.
2. this aircraft uses two slide balancers, guaranteed that the machine maintains the equilibrium running.

* slide adjusting mechanism
Adjusts reaches as high as 0.1mm precisely, the adjustment production has the security, quickly.

* environmental protection, energy conservation
Advanced design idea, low noise, low consumption, energy conservation.