AW168CNC Electric hydraulic pipe tube bending machine

AW168CNC Electric hydraulic pipe tube bending machine



Application of pipe bending machine

Auto parts (brake tubing, bumper, muffler, seat).
Motorcycle manufacturing, bicycle industry, fitness equipment,
Air conditioning and refrigeration, steel furniture, sanitary equipment and other industries.

Adapted material:steel pipe, stainless steel tube, copper pipe, aluminum pipe,etc.

Main specification Model: AW168NC unit Remarks
Maximum applicable carbon steel pipe bending radius  1.5D   For example Φ 168   X   12 .0t Mm 1. The minimum bending radius depends on the diameter of the pipe

2. The maximum bending radius can be based on customer requirements

3. The maximum core length can be customized according to customer requirements.

Maximum applicable stainless steel pipe bending radius  1.5D   For example Φ 135   X   10 . 0 t Mm
Standard core length ( a ) 4850 Mm
Maximum bending radius 550 Mm
Minimum bending radius 90 Mm
Maximum bending angle 190 Degree
The number of bends can be set for each pipe 16 Unit
Number of parts that can be stored 16 × 16 Unit
Hydraulic system control The electromagnetic valve  
Control System Microcomputer control  
Maximum hydraulic pressure 16 Mpa
Hydraulic motor power twenty two Kw
Fuel tank capacity 650 L
Machine dimensions 6300*2450*1500 Mm
Machine weight 12000 Kg
AW38CNC Automatic 3d Pipe Bending Machine structure 1

AW168CNC Electric hydraulic pipe tube bending machine structure 1

AW38CNC Automatic 3d Pipe Bending Machine structure 2

AW168CNC Electric hydraulic pipe tube bending machine structure 2

Features of pipe bending machine

  • Interactive PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes.
  • System diagnostics and multiple language capability.
  • Standard clockwise bending direction.
  • Fully hydraulic clamping on clamp die and pressure die.
  • Drop-way hydraulic clamping.
  • Direct acting hydraulic pressure die with adjustable speed valve.
  • Maximum 100 sets of program storage,Maximum 32 bends for each program.
  • With Independent programmable speeds Y, B, and C axes.
  • Programmable material spring back settings for each bend angle.
  • Automatic release of tube prior to final bend.
  • Bending Axis-Driven by Cylinder,Feeding Axis-Driven by Servo Motor,Rotating Axis-Driven by Servo Motor.
  • Obtain quality repeatable bends in steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium and brass.
  • Foot Pedal Cycle start.
  • With Air Cooling System.
  • One set of Tooling for Draw Bending.
  • Wiper die Bracket.
  • 1 Mandrel Rod.
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual.
  • Tool Box with Adjusted Tools.
  • Electric: As required (3 phase 220V or 380V or 415V…)
AW38CNC Automatic 3d Pipe Bending Machine parts brands

AW168CNC Electric hydraulic pipe tube bending machine parts brands

Optional items of pipe bending machine

  • Industrial Computer Controlling
  • Anticipate Mandrel Extraction
  • Automatic mandrel/machine lubrication
  • Anti-clockwise bending direction
  • Machine effective length over mandrel
  • Safety Mat
Accessories and Services

Accessories and Services

Free Spare parts and Accessories with wedge anchor machine
1.Wire stand 1pcs
2.PKO swing arm(small) 4pcs
3.Cam fasten nut 3pcs
4.Forging die spare springs 10pcs
5.Output roller 2pcs
6.PKO roller 1pcs
7.Operation manual in english
8.Easy wear parts drawings.

Our services:
Pre-Sales Service
* Technical proposal and solution.
* Trial sample as per customer’s drawing after customer pay the die cost.
* Online video authentication machine work.

After-Sales Service
* Offer installation instruction of how to install the machine.
* Offer operation instruction of how to use the machine.
* Teach and train customer’s engineers how to operate machine in our factory.
* Regularly engineers visit customer’s factory site.