Double Station Pipe Thead Rod Automatic Chamfering Machine

Double Station Pipe Thead Rod Automatic Chamfering Machine



Double Station Pipe Thead Rod Automatic Chamfering Machine

Adapted material: steel/stainless/copper/aluminum pipe/rod/bar etc.

Recommended application industry:automobile fittings ( oil pipe for brake, muffler, seats), motorcycle, healthy equipment, air-conditioning,bicycle, steel furniture, sanitary wares and so on

Main characteristics:

1. automatic feeding, saving manpower.

2. specially designed feed body solid and corroborating, in the middle diameter pipe feeding stations Ke Yi select the required type, type pairs for easy time-saving.

3.super Cutter design, Cutter fixed stability, growth Cutter life.

4.two-stage feed speed, to save hours of work, and a slow easy stepless adjustment, processing perfectly.

Technical parameter:

Main motor 2×1.5kw/4P (for steel, iron tube/pipe)
2×1.5kw/1.0, 2/4P (for aluminum, bronze)
2×1/0.75kw,4/8p (for SS)
Hydraulic motor 2HPx4P
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa, 120ml/min.
Cutter head range Φ12-52mm(standard)
Workpiece length 50-800mm
Weight 1250Kg
Size 900*1200*930
Accessories and Services

Accessories and Services

Free Spare parts and Accessories with wedge anchor machine
1.Wire stand 1pcs
2.PKO swing arm(small) 4pcs
3.Cam fasten nut 3pcs
4.Forging die spare springs 10pcs
5.Output roller 2pcs
6.PKO roller 1pcs
7.Operation manual in english
8.Easy wear parts drawings.

Our services:
Pre-Sales Service
* Technical proposal and solution.
* Trial sample as per customer’s drawing after customer pay the die cost.
* Online video authentication machine work.

After-Sales Service
* Offer installation instruction of how to install the machine.
* Offer operation instruction of how to use the machine.
* Teach and train customer’s engineers how to operate machine in our factory.
* Regularly engineers visit customer’s factory site.