Open type mechanical CNC turret punch

Open type mechanical CNC turret punch



Specifications of Open type mechanical CNC turret punch

Types of AM25  AM40 AM63
Nominal force (KN) 250 400 630
Maximum punching frequency (hpm) 180 120 80
One time maximum processing sheet (mm) 2500×1250 2500×1250 2500×1250
Processing plate thickness (mm) 4 6 8
Machining accuracy (mm) ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
Standard feed rate (m/min) 60 60 40
Secondary positioning Can be installed Can be installed Can be installed
Turret mould 12-24 station turret 12-24 station turret 12-24 station turret
Gas source (Mpa) 0.55 0.55 0.55
Power (kw) 10.5 11.5 13.5
Throat depth (mm) 1275 1275 1275
Dimensions (mm) 5000×4500×2100 5000×4500×2100 5000×4500×2100


Types of Mold size 24 stations
A Φ1.5—Φ12.7 10
B Φ12.7—Φ31.8 8
C Φ31.8—Φ50.8 4
D Φ50.8—Φ88.9 2

Station distribution

Features of Open type mechanical CNC turret punch

C type CNC turret punch press (24 stations)

●Adopt integrated LCD workstation control, separate control cabinet and bed body design;

● System integration of domestic general programming software functions, AutoCad graphics automatic conversion code;

●The turret adopts Japanese technology thin turret wheel disc, long guiding mold, good neutrality, quick and convenient loading and unloading;

●Imported pneumatic friction clutch controller, safe double valve control, stable operation and reliable performance; super tonnage safety device and alarm protection;

●Imported reducer is used with imported servo drive, which has high precision and ensures the accuracy of cylinder positioning;

●It adopts imported brand electrical components, which is stable and reliable;

●Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device, automatic oil return, regular quantitative automatic circulation lubrication;

●Use high-quality elastic brush and universal ball to mix the workbench to reduce the friction of the plate and smooth the material;

●It adopts full-floating pneumatic clamp to float with the upper and lower plates to avoid deformation of the plate; the dovetail slide facilitates the movement of the clamp.