All-electric servo CNC turret punch

All-electric servo CNC turret punch



Specifications of All-electric servo CNC turret punch

1. The servo press utilizes the latest RISC-CPU and all-digital controller for high-speed sampling (less than 1 ms) and high braking accuracy of ±0.01 mm repeatability. High-quality and high-precision pressure operation is realized by the tool ID system built into the load cell preamplifier. The speed of the press is directly controlled by the servo motor to improve production efficiency. Setting up up to 32 parameter values ​​stored on the permanent flash memory allows for programmatic control of multiple functions.

2. Servo press, also known as electronic press, servo press, and electronic punch press, is a third-generation press that emerged in the 1990s with a completely different concept from traditional mechanical presses. It is a high-tech (information technology, The perfect combination of automatic control, modern electrician, new materials and traditional mechanical technology realizes the digital control of stamping equipment.

3. Features

Program mode, pressure mode, punch can be press-fit operation from top to bottom; in tension mode, the pressure head is operated from bottom to top.

Quality judgment function, online quality inspection function to ensure product quality.

Parameter report storage function, built-in pressure sensor of servo press, through the communication interface and computer connection, the results of press-fit operation data can be stored in the computer in order to ensure the traceability of product data and effectively control the production quality.

Automatic diagnosis, equipment failure, can display error information, and prompt solutions, convenient and efficient to find out and solve problems, multi-function communication interface, can communicate with external devices, easy to integrate with other equipment automation.

4. Working principle

The servo press is characterized by the power, variable speed and execution of the servo motor, as well as the good controllability of the speed. It directly drives the punching mechanism, adopts adaptive torque control technology and computer control technology, and utilizes digital technology and feedback. Control technology, control the operation of the servo motor, can accurately control the position of the punch head relative to the motor corner, and use the stamping mechanism to achieve a variety of stamping processes. Through the preparation of different procedures, the various stamping motion curves required for the process are realized, different workpiece deformation speeds are obtained, the workpiece quality is ensured, and the service life of the mold is improved. It is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving press that realizes the mechanical press. The digital control makes the press truly enter the digital age.

5. Advantage

Compared with traditional presses, the characteristics of servo presses are as follows:

(1) Increasing the productivity, the press stroke can be set to the minimum necessary for production, and the forming speed suitable for the processing content can be maintained.

(2) The product has high precision, always maintains the accuracy of the bottom dead center, restrains the product from burrs and prevents the generation of defective products.

(3) Low noise and long service life of the mold. By reducing the noise mode, that is, reducing the stamping distance between the mold and the sheet, the working stroke of the mold is reduced, thereby prolonging the service life of the mold and greatly reducing the use cost.

(4) The controllability of the punch movement, the user can use this feature to create a pressure head movement mode suitable for the processing process, effectively improve the accuracy and stability of the product, improve the life and productivity of the mold, and achieve silent punching It can even expand the processing range, suitable for processes such as punching, drawing, embossing and bending, as well as the characteristic curves of different materials. If the ram operation can be stopped, the forming quality of the workpiece can be improved.

(5) The energy-consuming components such as flywheels and clutches of the traditional mechanical press are eliminated, the driving parts are reduced, the mechanical transmission structure is simplified, the lubrication amount is small, and the stroke is controllable. Operating costs are also greatly reduced due to low power consumption. Compared with hydraulic presses, the working efficiency of servo machines is about 20% higher than that of hydraulic machines. In the maintenance of the machine parts after wear, the structure of the servo machine is simple, so the maintenance is more convenient and quick.

Serial number name parameter unit Remarks
1 Punching force 300(30) KN(T)
2 Rack structure “O” type closed rack electric furnace tempering treated
3 Maximum processing sheet size X axis 2500 Mm Secondary positioning can process 5000mm
Y axis 1250 Mm
4 Processing maximum sheet thickness 6 Mm
5 Maximum diameter of one punch Φ88.9 Mm Non-standard can be customized.
6 Highest punching frequency 1200 Times/minute
7 Repositioning cylinder 2 set
8 Control axis number 5 (X, Y,  Z,T,C) pcs
9 Mold form Long guide 85 series international standard mold
10 Mold processing life 500000 Times
11 Turret station distribution A, B, C, D Standard Non-standard can be customized.
12 Workbench structure Seamless Brush / universal steel ball table Stainless steel edging
13 Maximum feed speed X axis 80 m/min
Y axis 80 m/min
14 Max. Turret speed 40 Rpm
15 Punching precision ±0.1 Mm
16 Maximum load weight 150 Kg
17 Total power 16 KW
18 Air pressure 0.55 MPa
19 power supply 380±5% V or customized
20 Dimensions Length × width × height 5000 × 5000 × 2100 Mm
21 Total Weight 12 T Contorl System : FANUC-OI-PD

Features of All-electric servo CNC turret punch

(1) The main transmission mechanism uses a high-torque servo motor to directly connect with the crank-link mechanism through the coupling, and automatically selects strokes for materials of different thicknesses, adapts to various stamping processes, and can be processed with special processes very conveniently. Such as blinds, knockout holes, etc., with automatic overload protection, maintaining a constant punching force throughout the stroke, so that the stamping quality reaches a very high level. When feeding and loading the upper and lower plates, the main drive servo motor is in the stop state, which can save about 40% of energy. The servo motor adopts forced water cooling, which is stable and reliable. It is suitable for long-term work, maintenance-free, noise-free and can work continuously for a long time.

(B), the control system is FANUC OI-PD CNC system, with various control software necessary for CNC turret punch press, easy to operate.

(3) The rotary working position adopts the worm and worm structure, the gap is adjustable, and the positioning accuracy is high.

(four), turret

1. Transfer tower material: 45# carbon steel is quenched and tempered, and the turntable is processed in pairs by special fixtures to ensure the coaxiality of the upper and lower molds, which greatly prolongs the service life of the mold.

2. Turbine structure: It adopts Japanese inlaid roulette structure, thin turret and long-oriented Amada mold. While reducing the gravity of the mold disc itself, it still maintains a long guiding structure and accurate positioning.

(5) The internationally equipped pneumatic components ensure the reliability of the performance of the whole machine.

(6) Adopting imported large lead ball screw and wide seat linear guide to ensure the processing precision.

(7) The universal working table with universal ball and brush plate not only reduces the noise and vibration during the working of the machine tool, but also has a good protection effect on the surface of the processed plate, which can effectively prevent the surface of the plate from being scratched.

(8) The “O” type closed steel plate is used to weld the fuselage, and the tempering treatment by the fireplace makes the stress removal more thorough.

(9) Using floating pneumatic clamps, the clamping force is large and the feeding is stable; the integral dovetail type carriage has good rigidity and convenient movement of the clamp.

(10) The system has automatic clamp protection function, which can not be punched in the protection area, only for displacement movement, to ensure the continuity of the program operation.

(11) The integrated beam structure, the integrated design of the carriage and the beam, enhances the rigidity, accurate positioning, and is more stable under the condition of high-speed feeding, and eliminates the dynamic shift of the X and Y axes of the table.

(12) It is possible to simulate the display of the processing trajectory and the path. If multiple parts are cut on the large plate, the plate can be saved to a large extent and the utilization rate of the material can be improved.

(13), roulette transfer station display, stamping time display, processing quantity display, mold life (punching times) display.

(14), automatic mold selection processing: the system can automatically select the most suitable mold to process